Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Last Refuge...

The stock market is in its 3rd straight day of steep decline. Efforts in Afganistan and Iraq are worsening, and Samolia is promising to replace Afganistan as the next state sponsor of Terrorism. What to do amidst such a seemingly insurmountable crisis? When the road gets tough, the tough torch gays.

If Patriotism is "...the Last Refuge of a Scoundrel," morality at least provides good cover along the way. Bush protoges in the PA House are following in kind, voting yesterday to ban gay marriage. Can't pass tax reform? Just got caught with your hand in the taxpayer's wallet? Lets string us up some gays!

Saddest part of this whole affair is that so many legislators will err on the side of expediency; fearing the zealot's wrath more than their own tenuous grip on responsible governance. Republicans are salivating over the political expediency of it all. Rendell will veto this bill, because that's what a gun grabbin, gay lovin baby killer from Philadelphia does. At last! An issue Daryl Metcalfe and God-Lovin Butler County can use to rally around Lynn Swann. Hell, this might even be enough for them to look past the fact Swann is black.

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