Friday, June 16, 2006

Call the Cops

In a dramatic stand on behalf of the voters of Allegheny County, Rich Fitzgerald and Jumpin John DeFazio stood athwart a plan to eliminate the elected sheriff's office in a larger consolidation of politically and functionally anemic county row offices. Spewing half-baked logic from his shit-eatin mouth, Jumpin John saved his brother Pete DeFazio's job saying the not-so-connected row offices need to go in the name of progress, but our 18th century Sheriff gotta stay. Why Pete DeFazio, you ask? Who else but a man dressed up like Marshall Tito can save us from the next Injun scalping party!

Since then, three top dogs at the Sheriff's Office went to jail for corruption, the office has shown an inability to carry out its core functions, and Sheriff Pete DeFazio stands guilty of gross negligence, or incompetance, or worse. DeFazio's praying for an Injun Raid or better before the next election... otherwise, he's cooked. Hopefully, he takes Rich Fitzgerald and his flunky brother with him.

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