Friday, March 10, 2006

"...they want to send me back to the WOMB"

Roe v. Wade is a critical freedom for Americans, granting our citizens the right to drunken fornication without the eventual responsibility of parenthood. Collegiates no longer drop out of school, secretaries need not destroy their boss' marriages, young women no longer relegated to poverty- this is truly a critical right.

But what of those women who "choose life?" What of those situations where she does so against the will or desire of her mate? The courts say a man has no choice, in effect taking the Victorian concept of a man's financial responsibility for his family and turning it on it's head. In exchange for support of a household, the Victorian man ruled his stead as a potentate. Feminism rightly negated male soverignty, but conveniently left male financial responsibility in place. Such is the plight of a man today that his child can be born regardless of his opinion, that the mother can require he support that child, and she can impose such restrictions on him that his only contact with the child is his checkbook.

In the same way that the death penalty is an ineffective deterrant against murder, I doubt this looming threat is much of a deterrant from unbridled drunken sex in a dormitory stairwell (just take all the spunk out of my favorite webcam!). However, its a damned fair question to have answered. Not only is it a fair question for the man's checkbook, but as well for the child. Afterall, who wants to be born into a world with only a 50% approval rating?

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Celanie Polanick said...

Are you KIDDING?
Eric, the day that you accidentally impregnate some plaid-skirted highschooler, you're going to be damn well elated that Roe Vs. Wade still stands. On behalf of all the feminists working hard to keep our rights intact, thanks for taking abortion so seriously. :(