Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Rock the Vote!

Rockstar Councilman Bill Peduto gotta read the writing on the wall this time: though it's easy to get a Senior poli-sci major to polish your knob in the bathroom at Doc's, it ain't easy to get her to vote. Bill Kraus, a successful Southside Flats businessman backed by Peduto, was edged out by City Councilman Elect Jeff Koch, a public works employee from Arlington. Koch, the party endorsed candidate, argued his experience painting curbs would add gravitas to future budget debates. Peduto rightly believed his candidate was more qualified; and staked his strategy on a good turnout of college students living in the district. Unfortunately for Peduto, a post-spring break Binger at Doug and Smitty's house supressed the student vote... and the Rockstar Councilman wasnt even invited!

The 8th and 14th districts, encompassing the towers and the South Oakland slums, turned out a total of 139 votes, or 4% of those cast. Those who fought for the right of Pitt's students to vote have egg all over their face on this one. The whole damned council race was postponed so that Pitt Students on spring break wouldnt miss the election. In an effort worthy of Rock the Vote's costly quadrennial voter-outreach boondoggles, music and food was provided to lure more students to the polls. At 139 votes total, the whole effort is embarrassing as hell.

Look at the bright side, Billy. You might never win Mayor on a tide of student discontent... but that sweet little blonde at the end of the bar is willing to take your mind off of that.

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