Wednesday, March 01, 2006

High Noon on Penn Avenue

Bob O'Connor's successful mayoral bid in 2004 was light on ideas, heavy on gladhanding and posturing. Taking a nod from G.W.'s wild west
smoke'em out theme, Bobby O promised to literally ride front the possee and tackle Pittsburgh's crime one street at a time. The image of this Mayor cum Sheriff astride his trusty horse was a bit incongruous to the image of slick Bobby O's neatly coiffed hair and pinstripe suit; but yesterday he showed that, though unwilling to ride in on a horse, apparently he is willing to tackle crime as promised.

Bobby O made a guest appearance at the Horoscope Lounge in Garfield yesterday, 2 hours after some thug got popped in the leg. He promised a more concerted effort to shut down the Horoscope, which has been on the nuisance bar list for a decade. Bob's version of smokin' out the bandits, putting community activists and residents in his possee, is a promising first step towards keeping his commitment. But just as a Presidential soundbyte doesnt capture a terrorist, a photo-op won't shutter a nuisance bar. In the coming months, there will doubtless be more gunslinging at the Horoscope: lets see if O'Connor's on-the-scene approach leads to a padlock on the door of Garfield's worst bar.

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