Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Waning Swann-ocrats

Rep. Sam Smith (R-Punxatawney) helped erode Lynn Swann's credibility with black voters; serving up some good old-fashioned black race politics to the Jewish Democrat from Philadelphia. A Voter ID bill requiring voters to show ID before casting a ballot, was approved by a Republican legislature on a party line vote, only to be publically vetoed before a cheering crowd of black civic organizations at the Hill House in Pittsburgh. With a stroke of a pen, Rendell stuck his finger in Lynn Swann's eye, and reminded Republicans why they cant capture the black vote: they're clueless.

Ironic that Rendell can accuse the Republican Party of disenfranchising black voters when the Republican candidate for governor is black. But the Voter Identification bill, seemingly innocuous to the white Yuppie set, gets a rough reception in poor and urban districts. People who are too poor to own a car probably dont fly or cross the US-Canadian border with any frequency either. Unless they are in their early 20's and like hitting the liquor store, they might not see the need to even have an ID card. The crowd, a who's-who of black political organizations, responded to the veto by giving Fast Eddie a rock-star's welcome to the Hill House. Rendell thundered against the heartless Republicans to a crowd generally given to phobias about heartless Republicans. But in the year that 'fiscal conservatism' showed its face through serious cuts in CDBG allocations at a federal level, this latest kick in the urban teeth seemed business as usual.

In response to Rendell cashing in this free political capital, Rep. Smith's idiot 'press secretary' Steve Miskin responded that he didnt see what the problem with this bill is. "What are [Democrats] hiding from? What are they scared of," demanded Miskin, who openly pirates most of his speech material from Chuck Norris movies. I would argue Democrats are afraid Republicans will stop helping Rendell's campaign.

I just want to know why the hell a State Legislator needs a f**king press secretary?

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