Sunday, February 26, 2006

Coffee and a Danish Protest

Well, more of a rally, properly speaking. Christopher Hitchens, the former socialist and noted contrar... . Ahem -- sorry, I'll start over: Christopher Hitchens, the former socialist and noted contrarian writer, led a gathering in support of Denmark on Friday at the embassy of the Danish government, in Washington, D.C. The rally follows in the wake of the violence following in the wake of some cartoons published in Danish newspapers back in September. For those unable to attend, Wonkette "covered" the "event."

Here's a rather clever sign made by one of the radical Hans Christian Anderson supporters who breezed in. In case you were wondering -- and you weren't -- there's a similar rally being planned as I blog this, to take place in New York. If you're in the area, please come out and join us in this show of solidarity with our Danish comrades. Or just watch me get ripped on Carlsberg beer and try to grab your boob. Doesn't matter; freedom wins either way.

In the interregnum, check out The Hitch in this hilarious blooper in which he browbeats an Australian talk-show host for no reason whatsoever! What a cut-up! (Thanks, sonic.)

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Sonic said...

Any chance of a credit for the video?