Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Tom Flaherty Looks To Past for Future

Tom Flaherty used his swearing in ceremony as the newest judge at Allegheny County Common Pleas Court to paint a bleak picture for the future of the city he helped destroy. The consummate politician ever eager to find a reporter stupid enough to write about his ranting, Flaherty opened his new career as a judge talking about everything but his new judgeship. I dont blame him. The old maxim of talking about only the things you know applies well here, and Flaherty dont know shit about being a judge. What worries me is that Flaherty, the blowhard rebellious Controller given to commenting on everything and anything, will continue in that capacity as a judge.

"Dateline- PITTSBURGH: Judge Tom Flaherty skipped court today to meet Auditor Jack Wagner for a press conference on the Penguins Arena. Both will outline plans for a new arena that neither has any power to implement. Flaherty promised to yell for the next 4 years, and your coorespondent, Rich Lord, promises to faithfully record his gutter politicking in the Post Gazette."

Here's a question for the Post Gazette: Are you willing to quote anyone in any office when they're commenting on policy, even when it is unrelated to their job? Stop the presses, the President of the Class of '06 at Schenley High School is giving a press conference on the Fire Union Contract! Guess Flaherty isnt going to fade away as easily as I hoped.


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting this are family just got a bad judgement from his truly non licensed female driver killed our uncle that was a passenger in another car that she hit yesterday 3 yrs later he sentenced her to only 12 months house arrest and three yrs probation because she was a single mother and said in court if she had not been a mother incarceration would not have been off the table (oh forgot to mention her children were in the car she was driving and put them in harms way....felony (3) sentence range 14-24 months in jail plus probation and to give her pretty much nothing (really)he just opened pandoras box,mark my words here your now going to see more homicide by vehicle get nothing because of his decision he does not belong in the court system and upholding the laws that we have put into place remember his seat is up in 2015

Anonymous said...

Flaherty has no business being a judge. He fails to apply the law by convicting innocent people so that he can save his acquittals for favors to the inner circle