Thursday, December 08, 2005

60+ Years of Anger

For those desperately missing their Maureen Dowd fix since the NY Times made her "Premium Content," the Top 5 e-mailed articles of the day included a little anti-war gem for the disaffected liberal.

Nobel Laureate Harold Pinter, a virulently anti-American British author, took the opportunity of his acceptance speech to rail against American Imperialism post-WWII. Apparently not appreciative of the benevolent peace and prosperity enjoyed under Pax Americana, he claimed that US abuses were as egregious as those of our Soviet counterparts, simply not as well documented. Elated lefties took this opportunity to read the article, and then e-mail it to all of their friends, whom had doubtlessly already read it and e-mailed it to their friends, whom had doubtlessly already read it and...

Harold Pinter railed that Americans are fat, lazy doupes who mindlessly eat the propagandist slop fed to them by the government. Fighting back a yawn, I'm simply surprised he has managed to stay this angry for over 60 years.

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