Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sheriff, Accomplice to Murder, Kingpin

In the grand tradition of Party cronyism, Allegheny County Democratic Committee helped carry two of its best and brightest in the last election. Pete DeFazio and Tom Flaherty both won their respective seats for Sheriff and Judge, instantly transforming two of the most corrupt, inept bastards in county politics into Guardians of Justice. Good Controller, Good Judge? eh.

But today the scythe passes a bit closer to the neck of dirtbag Pete DeFazio, as his right hand man is led downtown in shackles. Chief Dennis Skosnik, pictured right, was brought in on "...Bribery, Case Fixing and Abuse of Power." As the cancerous abuse that wracks the sheriff's office becomes increasingly apparent, maybe Rich Fitzgerald will drop his "principled opposition" to eliminating this essentially worthless office. Fortunately, the trial is being brought in Federal Court: Judge Tom Flaherty won't have the opportunity to preside, and Sheriff Pete DeFazio won't be given the opportunity to lead his comerade to his cell.

The Face of Justice in Allegheny County
Former Chief Sheriff Skosnik

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