Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Diane Johnson

On this day, as I prepare to commence with some research, my thoughts are with my grandmother, who lies ill in the hospital unconscious after suffering the latest of three bone-breaking falls in less than two years. I’m not sure that she will recover, and having seen the pain the first two put her in, coupled with dialysis, I’m not sure she wants to. Whatever she wants, I hope she receives.

I spoke to my grandmother a couple days before she fell, and she seemed in good spirits, a joy to speak with as usual, being largely more knowledgeable and likely smarter than me. And then I received a package of clothes from her a day or two after my dad told me she fell, which felt sort of eerie. Our family’s matriarch may soon pass away, but she accomplished more than most will in a lifetime. She helped my grandfather build an oil pipe company employing over 140 people, went to college at 40 years old, buoyed by the feminist revolution, raised three children, and kept my grandfather in line. Diane Seelye Johnson doesn’t put up with any crap.


erin said...

Sorry to hear that noone has updated you... she has regained conciousness (all three kids are there) and is lucid... cracking her corny jokes and all.

love you!
big sis

Celanie Polanick said...

I need to send her a get well card.