Thursday, October 27, 2005

Post Gazette turns GOP Rag!

The Post Gazette endorsed a record number of Republicans over the past week, leaving me to wonder if Tony Norman's recent departure for Michigan finally tilted the Editorial Board towards a position of Objectivity... or whether the PG is finally as disgusted as the rest of us.

The reformist tone in the Post Gazette's endorsement of Doug Price & Geneva McKee for County Council, and Bob Hillen for City Council shows that since the advent of Jim Roddey's Republican reformist platform, moderate Republicans have fully assumed the progressive mantle in Allegheny County. Democrats, fresh from endorsing Tom Flaherty for judge, wonder why they are seen as stale and counter-productive. Fighting to give Allegheny County what it really needs (3 more Costas, 2 DeFazios and an O'Connor), they should probably do a gut-check to figure out why the PG & the voters are less than grateful.

Pennsylvania voters are disgusted with failure and corruption at every level of government right now, and standing up for business as ususal is a damned good way to lose. Its not enough to claim to be the party of labor, or the anti-Bush party, or the heretofore progressive party in the same election cycle as the state pay-grab, the county assessment boondoggle & the city fiscal meltdown. Someone needed to stand for change, and the County GOP is up to the task.

Council V. Pres. Charles Martoni (District 8) and challenger Michael Finnerty (District 4) were aptly pinned as party lap-dogs in the PG's endorsement of their opponents. The Post Gazette cited both candidates' opposition to necessary reforms and support for the corruption plagued Sheriff and Treasurer's offices. Bob Hillen's bid for City Council is one hell of an uphill battle; but in a district that sent Republican Michael Diven to the state house, Motznik might have to fight for his seat. For once, I hope voters take a healthy look at the PG's endorsements. Having got the reform religion, it would be a shame to reject good advice from the PG... especially since it was heretofore so preciously rare.

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