Friday, October 14, 2005

PNC Bank Sucks

What I Want, What I Want

I want a bank that doesn't punish me for supporting the home team. PNC of the eponymous baseball diamond on the North Shore (Side) will now charge Pirates fans $10 a year for the privilege of carrying a PNC Park check card. As if it wasn't humiliating enough to be known as a Pirates fan every time I bust out the plastic, now my bank wants me to pay for it, too.

Memo to Jim Rohr: I'm going take the big, blue microphone and stick it up your posterior.

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TonnyLy said...

Hello. I find your blog very interesting. I used to work in a bank. We partnered with PNC Bank. I read lots of complaints about this bank on I heard people in the public transport complaining about the customer service. As long as I know the customer service in this bank is much better than it was in ours.