Tuesday, October 04, 2005

a palestinian perspective

A used-to-be-good-friend-of-mine is a Palestinian refugee from Jordan. I suppose that is what you would call him, anyway. His father was a Palestinian, yet the used-to-be-good-friend-of-mine didn't set foot on the soil of Israel/Palestine until age 21. Nevertheless, I had the pleasure of discussing the most recent pull-out of Israeli's from the Gaza strip with the Palestinian father. I consider him to be a wise man. He considers all sides, he thinks very carefully before he speaks, he recognizes a difference between Jews and Israelis (though I don't think Jews always acknowledge a difference) and he speaks slowly. Speaking slowly always gives the sense of wiseness, I am sure. He believes that the pull out of Israeli's was not in any way linked to an Israeli attempt at peace and that this prophecy will come to a head when there is no further movement toward peace and there are no Israeli pullouts from the west bank. He says it is simply a matter of an overconsumption of Israeli troops to patrol the Gaza strip for some 8000 Israeli settlers. Truth? Falsehood? I expect the truth lies somewhere between aljazeera and cnn.

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