Tuesday, October 04, 2005

best and worst foods...

Poptarts? Toaster Pastry? Donuts? Death-in-an-individualized-wrapper?

reminiscing with a co-worker about favorite treats in youth, I can see what my parents were doing... and successfully so. Frozen orange juice concentrate instead of ice cream ... homemade popsicles made from real juice... ovaltine... (I wonder if any of that is still any good...)

So, I decided to do some google research as to the best and worst things I can be feeding my kids... Thank goodness PB&J was not on a list of nono's!!!


My kids love processed pre-packaged food as much as the next... poptarts... donuts... popsicles... fruit rollups... yogurt so thick with sugar it doesn't slide down a wall and it takes up paint with it during cleaning...
but perhaps we'll stick with the fruit and cheese.

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Celanie Polanick said...

I've SEEN that guy's many, many crazy theories about nutrition — he's totally stark-raving mad. (But part of me believes that we SHOULD stay away from toothpaste, watch out for mercury in the drinking water, and eat raw eggs for their immunizing benefits.... hm... what's a nutritional flower child to do?)