Thursday, September 22, 2005

You're Fulla Shit

Fulla, a new Islamic Barbie Doll in Syria that is fast outpacing the original in sales, reflects the country's increasing religious conservatism. Syria, once a secular state, now boasts a doll with her own prayer rug, (transilated to Pittsburghese) a babushka, and even authentic looking scars from where she was publically flogged by her father and a dozen of his drinking buddies for sleeping through the morning call to prayer. Advertisements say you can tell Fulla, "your deepest secrets." Syrian intelligence services, who have equipped the doll with radio transmitters, emphatically agree!

"Daddy's going away now. He won't be back for a long long time."

There are no plans for a male companion as of yet, but perhaps a husband. I suggest the new Mohammed doll come dressed in black fatigues, with his own green Hezbollah bandana and AK-47. Accessories include flammable American and Israeli flags.

editors note: this is incredibly racist, inflammatory, and written to drive traffic.

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