Thursday, September 08, 2005

Susquehanna Cesspool

Legislators who sit on the board of PHEAA, a loan-issuing government subsidized non-profit, want to cover up the fact they bought $1,000 bottles of wine on a trip to Napa Valley and snorted coke off a hookers naked ass in Reno... ALL on the taxpayer's dime. "Its all in the legislative record," the lawyers of our notoriously corrupt legislature croaked as they attempted to smother this latest shit-storm with the all-concealing, all pervasive cloak of Harrisburg secrecy.

I feel so much better knowing its all on the Legislative Record. That means our thrifty legislature will surely reign in any uncontrolled spending. My only question for PHEAA Board Members is, when you swiped your Legislative Corporate Credit card in the hookers ass crack, where did the receipt that you expensed print out? Or did it fall under your recent list of 'unvouchered expenses.'

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