Thursday, September 08, 2005

Students Downtown and the Spirit of Gen. Tso.

A Chinese restauranteur in Orlando, Florida is being sued by his Landlord for not opening his restaurant in the landlord's complex as agreed. Chris and Yoko Chung have documented evidence that the space they leased for their restaurant is Haunted, and refuse to move in. Chung claims that his religion requires that he "avoid encountering or having any association with spirits or demons." Something tells me the apparition of a $2.6 Million lawsuit might be more haunting than a few ghosts, but Chung assured reporters that he has a star expert testimony in his defense.

With images of haunted, abandoned buildings still lingering in your mind, turn your minds towards the largely haunted, abandoned housing scene in the Golden Triangle. Point Park University, the Harvard of Stanwix Street, is set to house over 650 additional students to downtown Pittsburgh. Michael Lamb, failed candidate for mayor, wisely suggested enlivening downtown with students, pointing out the obvious: drunken students can be lots of fun. With Duquense University's 3-5k students bracketing the East face of Downtown, and Point Park's 1,000 holding the opposite end, they might just be onto something. Just don't expect it to turn into some beautiful urban educational mecca, like Oakland.

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