Friday, September 02, 2005

Port au Prince, Mogadishu, New Orleans.

"Chaos and gunfire hampered efforts to evacuate the Superdome, and, Superintendent P. Edward Compass III of the New Orleans Police Department said, armed thugs have taken control of the secondary makeshift shelter at the convention center. Superintendent Compass said that the thugs repelled eight squads of 11 officers each he had sent to secure the place and that rapes and assaults were occurring unimpeded in the neighboring streets as criminals "preyed upon" passers-by, including stranded tourists....'It's criminal within the confines of the United States that within one hour of the hurricane they weren't force-feeding us. It's like FEMA has never been to a hurricane.' FEMA is the Federal Emergency Management Agency."

"Gov. Kathleen Babineaux Blanco of Louisiana said some 300 National Guard members from Arkansaswere flying into New Orleans with the express task of reclaiming the city. 'They have M-16's and they are locked and loaded,' she said. 'These troops know how to shoot and kill, and they are more than willing to do so, and I expect they will.'"

After 5 straight days of lawlessness met only with cheap excuses that the US Army can't get in to provide security or food, why is no one pissed. Mighty America, with the most powerful and high-tech military in the world, can't reach the little dry land left in a flooded city? As a result, rogue gunfire is directed at rescue crews, bands of armed youth roam the streets, and food provisions have fallen so that the weak and infirm have died on dry land. How badly prepared were we? America will soon be accepting aid advisors from Japan and Sri Lanka.... just like any third world cesspool would when overwhelmed by a similar crisis.

So little preparation was made that thousands are dead and the City of New Orleans has suffered a complete deterioriation of Law and Order for 5 straight days. Putin had his Kursk. Bush, riding bikes with Lance Armstrong in what should have been the critical hours of life-saving pre-storm preparation, has his New Orleans.

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