Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The People's Casino

City Council voted unanimously today to apply to own and operate one of the casino licenses designated for the City. Hell-bent on embarrassing the city by routinely passing measures that are unconstitutional, illegal or patently absurd, City Council continued this grand tradition of legislative embarrassment through this latest act.

Free Markets:
Joe King, soon-to-be-jailed President of the Firemen's Union, offered to represent casino employees while soon-to-be-jailed Sheriff Pete DeFazio monitors legal compliance. Giving the Democratic Party a quid-pro-quo slushfund or crony-stable has always bode well for local government.

Honor and Honesty:
The incorruptible Twanda Carlisle, famous for using tax dollars to buy books on Gay Black Men and paying her mamma's boyfriend $10k for 'unspecified consulting work,' worried about the Corrupting Influence a city owned casino would have on elected officials. Having raised the spectre of widespread corruption, she voted an emphatic YES! for a city-owned casino!

Casino Operations as Proposed by Doug Shields: Bobby 'Black Jack' O'Conner will be manning the card tables while Scruffs Deasey and Pips Peduto bounce the drunks and collect 'bad debts.'

Who are these morons, and who the hell elected them?

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