Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I'm in love

My love affair is not with a man or woman, but rather with a route. It's a short route, a speedy route. Some call it the east busway, I call it freedom. And though I never have a seat and must stand among the masses, it takes but seven minutes.

Thus, I am content.

In other news, for all that Wal-mart has going against it, once again its mythical supply chain has worked miracles. With the citizens of America calling for the blood of FEMA, Bush, and to a lesser extent local authorities in Louisiana and New Orleans, Wal-mart delivered the goods without so much as a "pay me back later." Wal-mart's usual critics are, at this juncture, delivering naught but unqualified praise. In record time, Wal-mart trucked in diapers, water, food, and other necessities to the bereft, even innovating on their stellar supply chain with tactics you can read about in the Post article above.

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