Friday, September 09, 2005

Driver Etiquette

During my morning commute, it's not uncommon to speed past a co-worker. I'm usually traveling so fast that I do not notice them until they are fading away in my rear view mirror. Sometimes, my co-worker will spot my roaring four-speed escort rapidly approaching them and move aside.

What's the customary greeting here? When you both arrive at work in 15 minutes, you will say hello to each other. Why not make the hello on the road? Two short, succesional honks would not only satisify the office ritual, but also add a tad of whimsy to working life.

So far, I've employed the no-look rule. This device was popularized at socially awkward schools like Carnegie Mellon.
An example: you meet someone, perhaps in class, a dormitory, or a party. The first couple of times when you see this acquiantance on campus you give the polite nod. If you are feeling especially ebullient, you may even say "hello." But after a few instances of mutual acknowledgement, you divert your eyes and pretend you've never met.

I don't beep and I don't wave because no one else does. But I'm tired of this lemming lifestyle. Next time you see my polish-trampmobile weaving in and out of traffic, give me a double-beep. I'll be certain to return the favor.

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