Friday, September 16, 2005

Addendum to the frenetic commuter

Last night, I pleaded to my roommate a case for mutual roadway acknowledgement amongst co-worker commuters. She was less than sympathetic to my cause. For those outside the know, I recently posted that I experience quite the awkward feeling when I speed past my co-workers. Should I beep? Do the half-hearted wave? Salute?

"They probably don't even think about this. Why are you giving this so much thought?"

I asked that she place herself in their role and tell me what her reaction would be.

"I'd look up in the rear view mirror, grumble your name, and take another sip of coffee."

I have imposed my own neuroticisms on my colleagues. That's a shame. I was hoping everyone could be as self-conscious as me about seeing acquiantances on the parkway. This really is about my aggressive style of driving. The mobile masses aren't used to making quick decisions (outside the BQE) and when someone like myself ignites a driving revolution in Pittsburgh, the bums are resentful.

Get out of my way, a-hole. Decision maker coming through.

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