Friday, September 02, 2005

78...Going on 18

"Chico Harlan" is on the Post-Gazette sports page because his byline screams personality. But Harlan is more than a press box hack; he's a talented writer who allows the reader to explore the mind of the story's protagonist. His interviews are alive, presently happening as you read the story.

Today, Harlan files a fresh story about the "age-old" question, "Has the game of college football passed Penn State coach Joe Paterno by?" This isn't a milquetoast critque of one the game's most successful coaches. It's a story about aging - how the old feel young even when society tells them to get of the way...and off the road. Harlan even landed an interview with Hugh Hefner. Not too shabby.


Anonymous said...

Talented? Oh, my word. You must not read much except your stupid blog.

Anonymous said...

Chico Harlan is an unethical weasel -- full of himself and full of bad gas. His breathless stories are long on verbiage and short on quality.