Thursday, August 18, 2005

Try Our Anti-Semitic Waffles

Strange, one would never expect this level of hopeless classlessness from the Garden State. It seems two diners at a Jersey shore eatery had their check marked "Jew couple" by the restaurant's friendly waitstaff. The offending (offensive?) establishment, The Waterfront Grill, responded by explaining that it's restaurant policy to label tables by diners' characteristics rather than numerical designations, because it's ruder that way. So how exactly did the waitress know her customers' particular religion and ethnicity, resulting in the preceding "Jew couple" comment? In the Waterfront Grill's defense, the table in question sent back its pastrami sandwich three times, complained about the air conditioning, and remarked of the menu's ala-carte prices, "For this I should pay seventeen-fifty? It's a shande." I'm here all week, folks!

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