Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Tell me the Old Old Story...

There's nothing I like more than opening the "Most E-Mailed Articles" in the NY Times and seeing something about freaky evangelicals trying to push their values on poor, unsuspecting children. From Swarthmore to Stanford, e-mails hearld in the latest red state injustice: "Hindu and Jewish children in rural Mississippi forced into Christian Madrasses." This time, it's Texas. Schools in Odessa, Texas are teaching an 'elective' course on the Bible.

Teaching religious texts in classrooms might not be a bad idea, especially since they're used to justify blowing up everything from Iraqi Markets to Abortion Clinics, and Americans should understand the basis for the insanity around us. However, that liberals are surprised conservatives are trying to manipulate public schools system is itself suprising. Taking a nod from Berkeley-ites, who train 4th graders a 'how-to' for putting condoms on fellow classmates with their mouths, conservatives realized what Hippies and Mullahs realized long ago. The next natural battle-ground for America's culture war is the classroom: Don't surrender schools to the left.

Sadly, there is no neat resolution to this little problem. Imagine if everyone were permitted to have their own schools where they could incubate all manner of insanity into the minds of impressionable youth. Within two generations, lynching gays would be legal in Alabama and Texas would become a break-away republic. At least when the schools are public, wackos can be forced back into their caves by public opinion, civil law, and that pain-in-the-ass Constitution of the United States.

Public schools were always the great guarantor of America's melting pot of cultures and ideas. They might not accomplish the education part of the mission, but at least they provide a good platform for this message: You speak English, you're an American and You have Rights. For everything else cultural, there are churches, coffee shops, and weeknights with "The OC."


Dionysus said...

Well reasoned; Yes, teaching the Bible is a form of "insanity," will lead to the "lynching of gays" in Texas and Alabama, and breakup of the Republic itself.

Maybe I'm not as familiar w/ Bible as you; can you point out a verse that enourages the killing of homosexuals? Or bombing of abortion clinics? And while you're at it, explain precisely how preventing children from learning about religious morality will stop amoral actions from being wrongly committed in the name of God.

darnnews said...

Learn the difference between amoral and immoral.

Literacy is the first prerequisite to good debate.

Dionysus said...

Yes, focus on minutiae so as not to bother defending your blog's perspective. Dionysus meant what he said and said mostly what he meant.

The committing of crimes in the name of God is amoral -- utterly beyond any sense of moral reasoning -- while the actions themselves are immoral. Thanks for the correction.

Now, let's get back to connecting the dots between the Bible, killing of homosexuals, and the end of the United States. While acknowledging that "teaching religious texts in classrooms might not be a bad idea," the poster claims the only value of doing so is to point out the "basis of the insanity" embodied by those religions. That is hard to rationalize considering religion has historically served as a means of establishing social stability. I was hoping for a more elaborate explanation of why the poster believes the Bible, Koran, and Torah are so darn crazy. And how these documents and the people that believe in them are the problem, rather than our collective ignorance of each others' perspectives, cultures, and history.

darnnews said...

Nope, not readin' that...

Dionysus said...

At least you admit to being an ignoramus.

Highland Ave. said...

Man, you have a real stick up your ass, Dionysus. Never heard of hyperbole?

I'm sorry I'm so 'ignorant of other cultures' that when I see Janjaweed dancing around the charred corpses of Sudanese Christians waving green banners and shouting Koranic verse, I get a little jaded. Perhaps its when some crazed Catholic kills an abortion doctor so others might live.... So what, they're the fringe, you argue.

Their message is openly related in the Churches and Mosques in a slightly less abrasive manner: Jihad is one of the 7 pillars of Islam, Churches put tombstones signifying 'murdered fetuses' and tote around grisley pictures.

Fringes exist as a byproduct of what we polite moderates consider reasonable discourse... but when reasonable is skewed in a particular direction, the fringe gets larger. I think you can't see the forest for the trees.

And Jesus, you refer to yourself in the first person? Who the fuck does that?

Highland Ave. said...

Oh, and the point about churches establishing social stability.... yeah, historically with control over culture with the backing of the state. Failing that, the church happily resorted to the point of a sword. Islam is a faith literally created in the crucible of warfare, as bedouin tribes from Saudi Arabia stormed across the Middle East and Africa. Once again, stability through violence.

Islam really provides serious stability in the Middle East today, doesn't it!

Church is not a form of shadow government, meant to stabilize society... and it never should be.