Thursday, August 18, 2005

The perils of cutting your hair

When you live your life with a Jew-fro the size of your home state of Texas, your co-workers will be sure to notice a new haircut and make a variety of comments, ranging from "Now I can take you home to mama" to "I like it u-lottt." I guess that's just the way things go -- I did my best to sneak into my office before anyone said anything. Thus far, I've spoken with 7 people and they've all had two cents. Soon, I will be rich.

In other morning news, while I was in the kitchen getting my morning cup of coffee, I stirred my coffee up well, but failed to add the sugar, or anything else, prior. I was distracted because Rachel was telling me about her breakfast, which she called a "one-eyed egg." This little morsel consists of a piece of buttered bread with the middle cut out, with an egg to replace it, then fried in a pan. I was told that you are also supposed to toast the piece of bread you cut out.

Rachel likes to scramble her egg before she puts it in, but on my way back to my office, I stopped by the IT kitchen where Jennie, Dave, and Chris were congregated. After I told them about the "one-eyed egg," an argument ensued over whether or not you should scramble the egg, or cook the yolk to where it's runny, thereby giving yourself dipping material for your extra bread. They also disagreed as to what such a thing is called. Jennie called it a "gas houser", and Dave called it a "bird in the nest." They also each had comments to make about my new lack of hair, as we might expect.

But this whole egg thing is as ridiculous as the hair comments. Why can't you just make an egg and make a piece of toast? I'll call it "egg and toast."

Word of the day - "eleemosynary."

Eleemosynary means charitable. I learned this word form Supreme Court nominee Roberts, who I don't trust one bit.


Anonymous said...

please post a picture if you can

girl_by_thelake said...

*Cracking up!* That is SO funny!! As soon as I figure out how to, I'd like to put a link to your blog on mine!


Josie said...

the eggs in the cut out whole and cooked - not scrambled - are called Shirley Temple Eggs (just wanted to add to your list)

post the before and after pics of the cut so we can all comment :)