Tuesday, August 30, 2005

"The New Sheriff's a ________"

So the Blazing Saddles quote doesnt work for this... but I like it.

Sheriff Pete DeFazio is a dirt bag. That anyone is surprised this scion of the old Democratic Party is being targeted in a federal probe is laughable... its only a matter of time with these people. Thank God County Council's Tammany Democrats are bent on preserving DeFazio's completely redundant and unnecessary job... Otherwise, citizens wouldnt get the opportunity to see an elected official strutting about in self-styled military regalia like a Bolivian Dictator in heat, and no one would be around to teach 4 year olds how to safely ride a bicycle for $80k/year.

Best part of the story wasn't the fact that Capt. Frank Schiralli ordered Sheriff's deputies to work in his lawn on the county dime... though that bit of hubris was delicious, the all-pervasive curruption that insulated the Sheriff is the most grotesque part of the story. Union Lawyer Joe Chester promising to find out, "...who the snitches are," rooting out those in the Sheriff's office ratting on DeFazio. Yeah, those are the people the Union is supposed to protect.

Good thing Pete can lean on his big (in size) brother Jumpin Joe, a high-ranking member of the Steelworkers Union and member of County Council. Not only does he safeguard his brother from Council's votes, but he smothers any dissent from the union using his high position there. When his powerful positions arent enough, Joe vaporizes his opponents with his super laser goggles.

Though County Democrats promise to block any move to rid us of Pete DeFazio, the Fed might do the job for us. What sweet justice that will be, when the Sheriff is led off to jail by his own deputies.

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