Monday, August 29, 2005

Move it or lose it

Will my roommates and I fight over the dishes and the paintings on the wall and end up angry and aggressive? Will Celanie find a nice journalism grad student and leave me to my sleazy world of advertising and booze?

I spent most of this weekend in Ohio, or on my way there. It's finally getting to that time where Celanie and I pack up the remainder of our crap, and sojourn to our respective haunts for the next year. Grad school for her, more work for me, but now living with my buddies. How will it all turn out?

It's bittersweet to leave the shoebox we've shared for the last couple of years. With an inch of grime covering every surface and the tangled remnants of our belongings scattered about, it's not the kind of place you want to visit right now. We sat perched on the edge of the bed last night to eat our dinner. It was either that or we would have each had to pick a pile of clothes and hangers to sit on. But though we are "movin' on up," each to a bigger house, we are moving apart for a year. Which sucks.

In the coming week, I have to deal with the end of the month at work, buy a bed, organize my room, do some laundry, and a host of other little things. Will I organize my books? Will I go meet up with Mr. Turian and recover whichever belongings of mine he had? Will I buy a new wallet to replace the old one? The world is my mussel.

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Highland Ave. said...

I think things will go well at La Casa Della Quattra, if only because Andrew was willing to post a blog with an admittedly muted exposure of his ravaged heart. Ladies and Gentlemen, Andrew just might be human.