Friday, August 19, 2005

Leave Me Alone, Pennsylvania. I study.

That august body from Harrisburg - the Pennsylvania Legislature - is on vacation - in Seattle. But rest assured, dear citizen, our fearless leaders are there to work and learn.

Take North Side representative Don Walko, who is using the taxpayer-funded excursion to renew his law license.

From today's Philly Inquirer:

...Walko signed in for two seminars and stayed fewer than five minutes at each. And yesterday, Walko walked out of a course called "The Price of People: Combating Human and Sex Trafficking" after 10 minutes. He then headed to the large hall inside the convention center where companies and interest groups are exhibiting during the conference and handing out T-shirts, mugs, Frisbees and other trinkets.

Asked about his spotty attendance record, Walko said that he left sessions because he had to run to other meetings, and that, regardless, he had not yet decided which sessions he would seek CLE credit for. "Some of them, I'll submit for," Walko said. "I'll review and see which ones I felt I participated in."

And from the Irony File (as reported by the AP and other papers): No Pennsylvania lawmaker was spotted at a session entitled "Winning the battle without burning the battlefield" on how to combat negative press and political campaigns, despite the public outcry back home over the Legislature's middle-of-the-night vote to increase its members' salaries by 16 to 34 percent.

If you are on the North Side and see a chap wearing a "My constituents bought me a trip to Seattle and all I got was this lousy tee shirt" tee shirt, he sure to say hello to Don Walko, Esquire.

To those still pissed off by the midnight pay grab, check out Join the good fight against Bully Bob Jubelirer (R-Altoona), Billy DeWeese (D-Waynesburg) and the rest of the porkers.

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