Thursday, August 04, 2005

It's a war of ideas

And I think the capitalists are finally starting to beat the terrorists. You see a shift in tone from the Muslim world nowadays. Arabic news outlets are shifting their language on describing terrorist acts, and various Islamic councils are issuing fatahs condeming terrorism. Where once there was complicit silence, now there is cooperation in this war of ideas.

If we ever do live in a safe world again, it won't be because America has big guns and uses them. It own't be because we tap free citizens' phone lines, monitor libraries, or arbitrarily sweep dictatorships our of the middle east. It will be because we won the war of ideas, in the media, in the churches, and in the schools.

We can make ourselves temporarily safer by giving up privacy, but the war will never be won until we convince people to stop killing us. The terrorists are doing a good job of losing that war of ideas right now, by blowing up everything that moves. Briton, American, Arab, journalist, Jew, Muslim, diplomat, teacher... death to all say the crazy extremists.

It's tough in the desert.

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