Wednesday, August 17, 2005

In honor of 5,000 hit day at

Here are some of the many things that have occured in quantity of or greater than 5,000 in my lifetime.

1. Hits on The Darn News.
2. Things I have written.
3. Dollars I have received in a single check.
4. Days I have lived.
5. Songs I have on my computer.
6. Miles I have driven in my car.
7. People who my tax dollars have contributed to killing.
8. Number of Magic (or baseball) cards I have owned.
9. Altitude to which I have been elevated.
10. Neurons I have killed with irresponsible behavior, including but not limited to, alcohol & drugs, holding my breath, inhaling Helium, and living in the city.

Can you guess which of these things I am hoping for another 5,000 in?


Highland Ave. said...

Number of stupid posts you've put up?

Peter said...

Have you thought about adding AD Sense links to your BLOG? That way, someday you'll be able to cash a 5,000 dollar GOOGLE check.

Dan said...

I'd say you're hoping for another 5,000 is all but #7, but I bet you'll go a perfect 10 for 10.