Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Death of Outrage

I love it when conservatives use terminology like, "Slouching Towards Gomorrah," or "Liberals Eat Babies," to paint their particular bugaboos in the darkest possible hue. Typically the message is hyberbolic in the extreme: Ann Coulter proclaiming the End of Times because 5 withered old hippies were passing out flowers at a peace rally in front of the White House. The recent Highway Appropriations Bill is deserving of such hyperbolic language. Regardless of the extremity of the language, it will never fully reflect the extremity of this Congress' extravagant self-enrichment vis a vis this bill. I want to know why the hell Republicans aren't pissed off that their party of 'Fiscal Responsibility' is reponsible for one of the largest pork-laden bills in history.

Where the Hell is the Outrage?

Rolling out of bed this morning after an evening of excessive drinking, the soothing voice of NPR's commentator massaged my aching brain with the morning news. A story from Missouri's cattle country talked about an earlier than usual drought plaguing midwestern farmers and forthcoming 'federal aid' to bail them out. "We gonna hafta buy feed to keep the cattle fed this year, and I mighta hafta sell my extra acreage ta do so," said Farmer Joe. "Its not like we need help all the time. Just enough to make it through the dry season." 'Dry season'... as in seasonal... as in yearly. Ironically, the same people who bitch about their high taxes going to welfare queens in St. Louis are looking for a seasonal, yearly handout. "The gov'ment needs to get out of our business," is common parlance for the rural Missourian bitching about zoning or some other reasonable restriction on their 'God Given Rights.' They blithely refuse to address this hypocritical love-hate relationship with Uncle Sam. Cut taxes, cut programs, but cut me a check while you're at it.

Grover Norquist, commentator, political theorist and pile of steeming dogshit, said the government should be shrunk to the point he could, "...drown it in the bathtub." A popular theory goes Republicans allow the equation of one-time expense spending binge + tax cuts so the Fed will run out of money and cut back on permanent yearly programs like farm aid or welfare. Considering the 'everybody wants, everybody gets' culture we have today, permeating every strata of society from the St. Louis welfare queen and the Missouri Farmer, its more likely that we'll just raise taxes again to make up for the shortfall: and we'll probably do so during a Democratic Administration. Republicans will howl like hell that taxes are already too high- the current GOP spending binges long forgotten.

Outrage is Dead- There's nothing left but prostitution and political chess.

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BigSchu said...

I think there is a start of people caring and making statements as evidenced by the LIVESTRONG phenomanom. I have started a website to let people connect with the causes that they care about( It is just a start but I think we need to get people fired up about standing up for what whey believe.