Friday, August 26, 2005

Cannibalism and the City's Budget Deficit

Gene Riccardi, who is fleeing a contentious City Council to adjudicate drunk & disorderly conduct citations as a South Side Magistrate, proposed a bill that would require non-profits to donate $5 Million annually to the city's coffers. The argument goes 'these institutions use city services, they should pay for them.' A tax by any other name is still a tax, Riccardi, and this one is going to get shot down.

The saddest part is that this conversation is even happening. Non-profit institutions like hospitals and universities provide a multitude of benefits to the region without cost: free healthcare for the indigent, for-profit spin-off employers, thousands of students and employees that enliven the city's business districts and keep young people local... the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, for as much as these institutions do for the REGION, the CITY is required to pick up the tab. As tight-wad suburban districts thumb their noses at the city's budget crisis, the starved city is left with little recourse but to turn on its own best assets.

When rats begin to run short on food, larger rats kill and eat the smaller ones. It seems like on the eve of his departure, Riccardi has quite the appetite.


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