Thursday, August 25, 2005

"Can You Hear Me Now?"

This legislative payraise thing has got some serious legs. The Philadelphia Inquirer, the Allentown Morning Call and Pittsburgh Post Gazette just arent letting it die. Week after week, column after column, Brian O'Neill, Bill White, Ted Williams and John Grogan turn the big guns towards the Cesspool on the Susquehanna. Keep in mind, these are just columnists. This doesnt even take into account the daily news stories: the comical interviews with DeWeese & Veon, the pathetic legislative press releases justifying their raise, comparisions to cheaper, effective legislatures in other states, and the daily litany of state legislators who got religion and repented their payraise.

Pennsy's big presses are ensuring this debacle won't soon be forgotten...

John Grogan of the Philadelphia Inquirer.
Brian O'Neill of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.
Bill White & Ted Williams of the Allentown Morning Call.

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CapitolMAN said...

Don't forget the my favorite Philly writer, the estimable John Baer of the Daily News:
"Yes, no, maybe so on pols' pay grab" 8/25/2005