Friday, August 05, 2005

Bob Novak Loses Mind

Sometimes the pressures of ruining other people's lives can really get to a man. Bob Novak, a deep, cold abyss stuffed into a three-piece suit, finally let his emotions get the better of him yesterday on CNN's "Inside Politics." If you've ever watched Novak all his years on "Crossfire" and "The Capital Gang" wondering, Is this man really so genuinely miserable?, the answer to that question is a full-throated Yes. The incident occurred as Ed Henry was about to ask Novak a question regarding the Senate race in Florida, which is the first story coming out of that state in two months not involving insane weather, alligator attacks or insane people generally (c.f. Highland Ave's post). Seems Novak's sparring partner, James Carville, said something flip and the prince of darkness stormed off, but not before letting fly a choice word for the ragin' Cajun and the audience playing along at home. This is great.

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