Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Bitch is Back

Well folks, Maureen Dowd is back from vacation.

Synposis of today's Dowdy column:

"I'm angry. Not so biting remark. Not so witty allusion. Texas. OUTRAGE! Bush."

Tossing fitfully about atop a stack of 16 goose-down mattresses, sipping her Diet 7-UP from a golden chalace through a bright pink twistie straw, Dowd had some fire to throw. Agonizing over Bush being out of touch with the common man, and her spotty complexion which shows up so clearly on the NYT website, Dowd unleashed her fury! Even her pigmy slave Toto, strutting about on her sore back in his fancy new pearl-studded collar, couldnt quell this RAGE. Her gigantic feather quill furiously flashing across the page before her, she... she... DAMNIT! She broke a nail.

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