Monday, August 22, 2005

And a Child Shall Lead Them

"There is also a problem with the generation of settler youth born in the West Bank after the 1967 war. Some members of that generation see the state of Israel and its laws as less valid than the words of their rabbis, and some of them were prepared to fight with the police and the army in ways the Gaza settlers themselves were not." -NY Times

On the fortified roof of a synagogue in Neve Dekalim, dozens of angry Israeli Settlers fought off the soliders and police surrounding the building. The rooftop defense, erected hastily by the Synagogue's defenders, included wooden fencing, sharpened pikes and barbed wire. Like Crusader Richard the Lionhearted facing off against Suliman the Magnificent, vats full of acid were dumped on soldiers attempting to scale the bulwarks of this House of Worship cum Medeival Castle.

Like their 14 yr. old Palestinian cousin given to blowing himself up on a Tel Aviv bus, many of the defenders on the roof that morning were teenagers. Behold, the product of fanaticism. The children of the Gaza Settlements, raised in a hyper-religious culture insulated from the cosmopolitan, moderating influences of a larger Israeli society, showed what insanity such places breed. When the big people can't be clear and rational, impressionable youth carry their parent's fanaticism to its illogical extreme.

America's religious zealots, who take great measures to insulate their spawn from American Society, create a dangerous third column in American Society. For decades, religious zealots have cloistered their children from Kindergarten to Graduate School, teaching them Noah had dinosaurs on the Ark and that Earth is only 10,000 years old. Is it any surprise America is the LAST CULTURE ON EARTH still debating Darwin.

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