Monday, July 18, 2005

The Sound of Silence

As Sunni suicide bombers slaughter innocent Shiites in an attempt to spark sectarian violence, leaders in the Sunni community remain silent. How any of their leaders can claim to represent a just and honest government or God and yet not condemn these attacks evidences a truly perverse cultural mindset. Islamo-fascism, clearly a prevalent cancer in the Sunni faith, seems to have more than just a fringe following. It has the support of the global Sunni community, which supports Mohammed's soldiers with money, drugs, ideology and bombs.

The bomber who was responsible for the linked atrocity above was a Lybian. How does one get access to the proper paperwork to leave Lybia for Iraq, pay for travel, build a bomb and have enough drugs on hand to make it all seem worth it? If only silence was the primary problem.

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