Thursday, July 14, 2005

Penis No Longer Envied

Good for Thin Sandarin! She's -- er, he's -- the incredibly impoverished chicken seller from the incredibly impoverished country of Myanmar, formerly Burma, (and yes, you are legally obligated to write that every time you mention it) who miraculously grew a dong last month. Now, having a penis is great, no doubt about it, and this blog supports Mr. Sandarin's decision to sprout an enormous wang, but something just ain't right here.

My limited background in cockology tells me that Sandarin is a) the dumbest person in the history of the world; b) "Punking" the entire country of Myanmar (formerly Burma); or, c) just really really good at his manginas. I leave it up to you, dick-hungry America, to decide for yourselves. I'm personally heartened by this tale, whatever the gigantic, floppy truth may be: if a Burmese chicken dealer can get wood, surely Karl Rove can grow some balls and resign.

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