Thursday, July 07, 2005


The rush hour blast in London this morning was a senseless act of bloodshed. Britain, our steadfast ally in this war, is paying dearly on the front and at home for what increasingly looks to be an endless conflict. They are due more than just our sympathy and prayers, we owe them solidarity and understanding. As we move together through this bitter war, hopefully Britain and the US can adequately steele ourselves to face the coming years of senseless bloodshed and ineffective reprisal against an invisible enemy.

Al Quaeda, guided by rage and lacking definable goals, gives little by which we might predict an end to this conflict. Our unresolved problems do little to hasten that end. Hopefully Continental Europe will see the need for unity, and set aside the proud, bitter partisanship that has characterized trans-Atlantic relations for the past 4 years. Hopefully, those proponents of a peaceful Islam will finally stand up against a cancerous, omnipresent radicalism in their faith.

Most importantly, hopefully we won’t face many more days like this. But it’s hard to see hope through the smoke and blood in London.

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