Monday, July 18, 2005

Ken Mehlman

On yesterday's Meet the Press, GOP Chairman Ken Mehlman backed White House Press Secretary Scott McClelland's assertion months earlier that Karl Rove was not involved in any way with the leaking of CIA operative Valerie Plame's actual occupation, inspite of the fact Rove's own lawyer publically said that Rove did indeed verify Plame's status to columnist Matthew Cooper. Mehlman's desperate attempt to make McClelland look even somewhat truthful was pathetic; the sort of confidence killing exercize which topples politicians. Tim Russert pointed out a recent Wall Street Journal poll that shows GW's rating as a "straight shooter, and truthful president" have slumped to a little over 40%. Anyone who saw Meet the Press is most likely on the "I distrust GW" side this morning.

When asked if Karl Rove is hurting the President's ability to push his agenda, Mehlman said, "Karl Rove is a great American. He is a honest man. The evil liberals and dirty democrats slandering him should be ashamed and apologize!" Sadly, I'm not exaggerating. When asked by Russert if the Republicans would attack a Democrat in a similar situation, Mehlman spouted off some shit about Rove fully cooperating with the investigation, and again the bit about devil Democrats apologizing for attacking this great American.

Either Mehlman sucks as a spin-doctor, or this is just too absurd to be spun.

This Administration, through it's inexplicable inability to be truthful, and through it's attack-dog tendency to slander opponents, literally is sinking itself. Get ready for 4 years of a Democratic Majority in the Senate, inspite of the absence of an actual numerical majority. Their message might not extend beyond, "We hate this lying Asshole, his Jesu-fascist friends, and his stupid war," but sadly, its a message that increasingly resonates with Americans.

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