Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Healthy Serving of Justice

A wealthy restauranteur in Center City Philadelphia used to drive a white Lexus, cruising the streets of Pennsylvania's largest city drunk off of her ass. After a heavy dose of court-ordered counselling, a newly-minted responsible Susanna Goihman was given the keys to her white Lexus, and took to the streets again.

On June 22, "her car struck a 15 year old child," killing the young girl. Goihman, hiding behind her 5th Amendment Rights, refuses to talk. In response, the outraged community took to camping out on her lawn, protesting her silence with a daily vigil resplendent with police sirens, bull horns and rage. The raucous has so galvanized the city that neighbors offer the use of their bathrooms to protesters, SEPTA busses honk their horns in support, and Philly cops flash their lights and sirens in solidarity.

Seems no one likes a selfish bitch anymore...

Ms Goihman throws back another drink, pulls her blinds, and hides. A warm summer night, she recalls. The sky shone with the bright lights of Philadelphia, the drinks at her bar were chilled and smooth. All that remains is a half-empty bottle of asprin, a stained blouse and a vague memory of a particularly bumpy stretch of Ridge Avenue on her drunken ride home.


KatFish said...

I just don’t understand how someone could be such a cold-hearted bitch. It's her car - she knows who was behind the wheel (most likely herself). I can't imagine the pain Kayla Peter's family must be going through, but to have this bitch sit quietly and not speak to the police, it’s just a slap in their face. She is obviously a low-life scum bag who should spend the rest of her worthless life in prison.

Anonymous said...

How a person with a DUI arrest continued to drive
for six months (she was arrested in January and
was scheduled to lose her license on July 1)
is outrageous? She was clearly at risk for driving
under the influence again. The laws must be
changed. What good are the sobriety check points
now that people know a DUI has such a lenient
punishment, and that hit and run offenders can
refuse to talk to police? What kind of message
are we sending to young people? This case
must lead to change or we have truly failed them.