Tuesday, July 19, 2005

From Green Build to Brain Damage

I had a discussion with an architecture student seeking her masters from MIT. She was a typical architect, with bright blue eyes and a sort of space-cadet air that left you wondering if she was really present or not. As I briefly explained certain aspects of our development projects to her, I got the impression that no sooner would I say 3 to 4 words that she had mentally moved on to the next topic... arguably, she had moved ahead several topics. It was as if I was throwing fragments of information into a machine that was processing it as a blinding-fast pace. Providing whole sentences wasn't even necessary... no sooner were the words spoken, they were comprehended & processed. When she tried to explain things to me, she drifted about aimlessly, leapfrogging from one thought to another to another leaving out unnecessary links in the logical chain. Or she focused intensely on one particular issue, leaving others in the 'unnecessary to mention because they and their collateral impacts are understood' category. She was making a bad assumption by doing so. I was getting lost in my own explanations wondering what the hell I even said.

Its not hard to become impatient when engaged in interactions with the not-so-intelligent, for lack of better terms. I know what they're going to say before they say it; essentially, I only require fragments to process their ideas. Much like the above situation, I find myself quickly moving up the logic chain towards what I feel is a rational conclusion. Often, I see the look of confusion resultant from a fast ascent. Minds work at different speeds, and most like to assume they are on the smarter side of the bell curve. Today, I think I witnessed what sits 3 degrees away from the Autisics and Idiot-Savants at the 99th percentile.

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