Friday, July 29, 2005

Dirty DeWeese

One would think that Rep. Bill DeWeese, bruised from financing a hugely expensive Senate battle in Pittsburgh's traditionally Democratic South Hills against Michael Diven, would calm down on the whole spite and revenge thing. Diven took his State House seat over to the Republican side due to DeWeese's unique brand of minority management, then drove a multi-million dollar Senate bid that cost the Dem's a mint. Now DeWeese is kicking opponents of his unpopular payraise scheme out of leadership posts, giving them to loyalists.

Interesting Tidbits:
  1. DeWeese, who is set to make in excess of $140,000 per year (not counting his free car, free food, free monthly airfare & hotel to Vegas, free...), now makes approximately 4 1/2 times the average income of the people he represents in rural Greene County. DeWeese defended his salary increase, citing the cost of living in Waynesburg. "With increases in the costs of coal, it now costs me $1.75 a day to heat my house in the winter," sez DeWeese.
  2. Fast Eddie questioned the ethic behind the demotions. Sad day it is when you're chastized for immorality by the scion of Philadelphia urban politics, but more importantly, is DeWeese causing a split in the Dem Party?
  3. DeWeese gave a pass to legislators who voted against the payraise that are considered 'vulnerable.' One such legislator, not sent packing from his post as chair of the Finance committee, was Dave Levdansky. Levdansky faced a scrappy youthful challenger in his last election, where the energetic legislative hopeful called Levdansky a "Pig" and promised to "Give half his salary back to the district."

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