Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Bob Novak A Free Man

Judith Miller, NYT reporter and Matt Cooper's ride to court for the past two years, was sentenced to jail today after refusing to divulge her source in the Valerie Plame leak case. Miller was led out of U.S. Federal Kangaroo Court this afternoon following the judge's ruling that she be jailed for civil contempt. Cooper, for his part, expressed grief that his colleague was headed for the clink somewhere in Washington or its environs... then he quickly ran away into an air-conditioned SUV. This case may still end up in the Supreme Court, because of an ongoing telephone records case in New York, but for the time being Judy Miller, who hasn't been charged with violating the Intelligence Identities Act , is screwed. The scariest part of this whole scenario involves humongous douchebag and special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald and his blatant admission that Miller's jailing is nothing more than an attempt to get her to talk, even though the reporter has repeatedly stated she intends to protect her confidential source. So this a completely unnecessary, punitive attempt to convince someone to confess to a crime she hasn't even been accused of. My take: this should have been a criminal case from the start. If Fitzgerald truly believes he has the goods on Cooper and Miller, he should pursue criminal proceedings against one or both of them. If not, he ought to let Miller off the hook and go see a good proctologist; wiping your ass with the Bill of Rights that often can't be healthy.

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