Wednesday, July 13, 2005

1,741 and counting

That's right folks, Karl Rove is the number two story in the Google News right now, trailing only the imminent space shuttle launch, and topping the aftermath of the London bombings, the Supreme Court nomination battle, and a triple-train wreck that only Pakistan could have managed. Look for Karl Rove to take the top spot tomorrow, assuming the shuttle makes its way safely into the stratosphere.

All I can say is what a bastard, what a guy. I respect the guy for his tactics and for his results. I respect Karl Rove for being a man who doesn't so much as blush when it becomes clear that he likes to lie like the devil, not just liberal-blogger clear, but New York Times, Washington Post, and wait for it... National Review clear.

But he's a professional political operative. Who I don't respect is every man, woman, and child in the Bush administration who has been party to the cover-up, and Bush least of all for his pious posturing.

You've got to respect the politics that put the shit-eating-grin-wearing, coke-snorting, bike-crashing, deserter-with-Cs-in-college into the White House. But the gilding has worn off, and Bush is now just another sad lame duck. He's the bird whose legacy to the U.S. and the world is a contemptable energy bill, a childish take on social security, and the blood of thousands of Americans and countless Iraqis. And now Congress is going to pick a Supreme Court nominee, because Bush is flat broke on political capital.

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