Monday, June 20, 2005

Union YES!

The City of Pittsburgh School Board, in yet another grand showing of fiscal irresponsibility, looks set to lock in school construction jobs as union only. The union, in turn, promises not to strike, and threw in some education component to make the thing look less thuggish.

Welcome to Pittsburgh, city held hostage by union thugs. "Prevailing Wage," Sicilian for 'HUGE Labor surcharge,' will be tacked onto every school construction project. Union wages can drive the cost of construction up by 15%, meaning MILLIONS flushed on overpriced labor costs. The Union needs BS rules like this to survive, because they arent getting Prevailing Wage on non-government jobs. Sweetheart deals like this are killing this town!

Realistically, the threat to strike is a farce (if it aint union, it aint striking), and the education component could be financed several times over with cost savings from not paying Prevailing Wage. No wonder suburban Republican legislators look at our bankrupt government agencies and scoff. Between sweetheart deals with the Firemen, and the School Board committing itself to a closed shop, the city deserves to be broke.

Someone should take a good hard look at which For-Sale Boardmember is negotiating this deal, and who at the IBEW is blowing him.

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