Thursday, June 23, 2005

To Arms, To Arms

David Brooks, The NYTimes' token conservative, wrote a stirring call to arms for those Americans amongst us whom are losing the heart to fight in Iraq. His point is valid, his enthusiasm in expressing it freakish. Interestingly enough, Brooks breaks theme to quote FDR in this column, (ssshh) calling on truth and clarity from our government.

"Your government has unmistakable confidence in your ability to hear the worst, without flinching or losing heart. You must, in turn, have complete confidence that your government is keeping nothing from you except information that will help the enemy in his attempt to destroy us."

With that quote, Brooks gives a shout out to Joe Biden, who gives unvarnished reports of our 'progress' in Iraq. Quoting two Democrats, Brooks seems to be trying to say 'Quit being dishonest Bush, and tell us the truth.' But alas, those necessary words which might bring clarity to otherwise veiled criticism keep getting caught in his chicken-shit throat. Cheers to a shell of a Patriot, David Brooks.

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