Monday, June 27, 2005

That's Phat

Being grotesquely overweight (ie: 400+ pounds on a 5' frame) has its downsides. Forced to buy additional seats on Southwest Airlines, demoralized by the end of 'Biggie Sizing' at McDonalds, and generally ostracized by a culture of the thin and beautiful, fat folks haven't really won a victory since the installation of moving walkways at Pittsburgh International Airport. Now, another blow to the cause: A new study sez Fat people cost insurance companies more.

It's only a matter of time before smokers have to pay a premium for their bad habit. I would argue that living on an 8-hour-a-day diet of TV Land, banana nut-fat milkshakes and Crisco-slathered Doritos is a life habit just as deserving of a sur-charge. I'm sure that, as obesity continues to attract policy-maker's attentions, the insurance companies dolling out millions a year sustaining Johnny Coronary's 14th set of kidneys will probably start charging extra for his larger-than-life habits.

Yet all is not bleak in the land of the Big. Those tired of abuse from jerks like me can always hang with the 700 (pound) club. Ba-Da Ching!

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Anonymous said...

From the NYT story:

Ms. Bellemore has been reluctant to speak with reporters because of the way groups like hers have been represented in the news media. Earlier this month, for instance, a St. Louis newspaper ran an item about a Midwest Chub Club gathering under the headline "Lard Have Mercy." A few years ago a television station filmed a fat acceptance association event while participants were eating and set the scene to barn music.